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1) WFG mail:

  • You can check your wfgmail ID in the "my profile" section on your mywfg website.

  • Link to log in-

  • For instructions to setup your WFGemail password, you will have to logon to and click o WFG Mail in the BOSS forms. That should take you to next page to setup your WFGemail . Follow the instructions as mentioned on that page. 


  • NOTE: You must sign up with different product providers using your wfgmail only.



2) Sign up with Ivari:

  • To sign up with Ivari, goto

  • Click on register.

  • Enter your information including your name, wfgmail ID, add security question and answer.

  • WFG branch code to be entered is 9431



3) Sign-up for AppVantage (IVARI's application platform): (Now changed to 360 will post instructions soon)

  • Once registered, log-in to the website and goto > Tools > Appvantage > Register (at the end of the page) > add your wfgmail ID > Click on link received on wfgmail > Fill the necessary information.

  • You will receive an email in 2 business days as a confirmation of activation of Appvantage.



4) Sign up with Industrial Alliance:

  • To sign up with IA, goto

  • Goto "Need a secure access"

  • Enter your information including your Name, Date of birth, Postal code and Agent code.

  • Create your password for login.



5) Sign-up with Dynacare:

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