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  • Police clearance certificate (PCC): Obtained from Triton 

  • Screenshot of the HLLQP  Provincial Exam Final results received on your registered email ID.

  • Personal details required: Answer for the security question, SIN number



3 Steps:


  • Sign in WFG Launch and complete Canada Agent Agreement and submit. 

  • You would be given access to My WFG website at

  • Login to and follow as prompted in the picture above

  • Finish Direct Deposit setup

  • Fill in a detailed E-Contracting application form and Upload Police clearance certificate and screenshot of the exam result.

Next Steps:


  • Set up recurring deposits for Platform fees (Includes E&O insurance) (Steps Below)

  • Complete Referral Course on


Register For Recurring Payments of Platform Fees





  • Under this section you authorize and register for recurring deposits to pay the Platform fees (this includes E&O insurance premium) on a monthly basis from your credit card (Please refer to MyWFG payment central for details)

  • You are only charged 1$ as the processing fee for setting the payments on recurring deposits from your credit card.




  • You will receive a registration link on the email from FSCO in 2-3 business days after completing these 3 steps.

  • You must fill the form in the link and pay the provincial government fee for license registration of $150.



  • To check the status of your license, go to the link below- 

Or you can also click on FSCO tab on the License tab

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